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My name is Ingo Heinicke and I have been on this planet for more than five decades. Professionally, I work in the social media department of a large German company. In my spare time, I am interested in mobile communication and Smart Home.

Skyynet is about exactly these topics. In addition to the largest private >Cell Phones Database there is background information about >Cell Phones and >Smart Home, because I have upgraded our house accordingly and have partially implemented solutions that were not easy to find on the Internet.

In my early years of computer mania, which started like so many others on a Commodore C64, it was very cool to crack computer games and bring them with intros among the people. My sign was The Terminator, which soon became the nickname Termi, which stayed with me for a long time. But what does this have to do with Skyynet? While searching for a suitable name for my homepage, I remembered the computer system that plays a major role in the movie The Terminator. Its name is Skynet. Since sky and net are obviously very popular worldwide and I also wanted to avoid copyright disputes, I chose the variant with the double ypsilon.


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