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Integrate Netatmo Weather Station into your Smart Home

title Integrate Netatmo Weather Station into your Smart Home

Weather Station

Netatmo weather stations are popular because they have a great design, are easily accessible via app and web browser and are easy to expand. But trying to integrate them into the smart home, e.g. to integrate the sprinkler and lawn robot in case of rain or to close the blinds in case of wind, they quickly reach their limits. Although Netatmo offers an interface to third-party programs, this is not a used one for smart homes.


A popular standard for the smart homes is MQTT. MQTT Clients send data to a MQTT Broker, which provides them for other MQTT Clients. Often smart home systems support access to MQTT for visualization of data and to send commands to the devices.


Double-click on the image to create a new container When creating the container click on Advanced Settings Configure the network to use the same network as the Docker host Under Environment enter the ENV variables In the protocol you can check the connectionTo send the Netatmo weather data to MQTT a connection is needed. For this purpose there is a project on GitHub >mqtt-netatmo-bridge. I installed this as a >Docker Image on my Synology NAS. The installation is shown in the pictures and the required values are described below.

ENV Variables

Variable Example Value

Docker Updates

When Docker updates are released, you can't just update them at the touch of a button. To avoid having to reinstall and especially reconfigure everything, proceed as follows:

Netatmo Connect

Configuration of the developer accessPrerequisite for the external access to the weather station is a configured >Netatmo Connect, by creating an app. This gives you get all needed values to access the MQTT connection.

Available Data

Display of the data available via MQTT in the MQTT ExplorerThe by MQTT accessible data may be shown e.g. with >MQTT Explorer.

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